Prayer to Our Lady of Lebanon

O Mary, you who are called the "the Cedar of Lebanon,"
look down upon your children who today and always beg your guiding hand.
Grant us the faith to withstand the sweeping blows of life as the cedar stands
straight against the wind.
Develop in us the hope, the hope of Resurrection, that what we believe
as your Divine Son has revealed it to us; we may appreciate the joy that should be ours.
Dear Mother, increase our love, the love we should have for the Blessed Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
our filial love for you, and to the perfection of this love: to love our neighbor not in theory
but in solid prayer and practice.

We now kneel at your feet, dear Lady, begging for your blessing and beseeching your intercession
to your Divine Son for all our Church and Government authorities, for ourselves, all our relatives and friends,
especially (request).

Our Lady, Queen of Lebanon, America, and the Universe-- Pray for us.

An Indulgenced Prayer
Imprimateur: Bishop Francis M Zayek
St. Maron's Diocese, USA